Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome to the family, Tigger!

At any given time of day, you will find us siblings or mom carrying around a well-loved stuffed Barney, a Pluto dog, and a dragon Sunny named Johann (the rocking horse was Winnipeg, the dragon Johann...).

These are Sunny's favorite lovies, and she prefers that we 'babysit' them 24/7. It has gotten to the point where we jump in horror at the sight of a Barney alone, or a Pluto left on the counter.
The worst sign of (our?!) separation anxiety is when one of us will start to head out to the mail box, only to jerk back at the door and surreptitiously tuck a stuffed animal behind the bananas. Sometimes, we catch ourselves only too late...

As of yesterday, a new member was added to the lovies; a plushy, stuffed Tigger with the requisite open-and-close mouth. This one quickly became a part of the family, far more so the than the larger, plushy-er Pluto we are still encouraging Sunny to initiate (for 'big-and-small' potential).

Full recognition of a stuffed animal becoming a lovey occurs when it is thrust into our arms, while Sunny runs off to pursue greater endeavors. like the bubbles...:)


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