Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bubbles above, bubbles below...bubbles everywhere we go!

At this moment, Sunny is sitting in her bubble-and-ball-filled bath, having a great time. She loves watching the bubbles float down like rain--yes, I said float down like rain. You see, the current trend during bath time is to have the nifty new 'bubble gun' send out rapid streams of bubbles, to float down lazily onto her outstretched arms, creating a kind of bubble 'sleeve'. Oh yes, and the soap reservoir for said toy holds about half a cup of soap. And Sunny likes long baths. So every few minutes, the current bubble gun operator calls,
4 minutes pass: "Refill!"
3 minutes, 30 seconds pass (no break this time): "Refill!"
I think I just heard it again...

Luckily, we have at least 3 large bottles of bubbles, and numerous small ones, due to Sunny's impulsive purchases, the latest of which was yesterday. Last week, the little toddler (or is she more of a kindergartner at 5??) attempted to cajole us into buying a small blue water bottle, because of the striking similarity the to blue bubble bottle (say that three times fast!) she had just scored.
And so the spring is filled with bubbles in the bath, bubbles in the living room, bubbles blown through the open window late at night...not by Sunny of course. oh, now and then she takes the wand and blows a few (she is quite good at it now!) but more often than not she likes to eat the contents on the wand. So, we siblings will continue to perfect our bubbles, all summer long...


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