Sunday, January 24, 2010

When your autistic toddler eats weird things

Sunny is not yet willing to potty-train, though we continue to try to train her. This also means that she encounters occasional irritation from her pullups. I made nearly 2 dozen organic cloth pullups of the cushiest fleeces and velours last year (read that previous post!) but to date, Sunny will still ONLY wear paper. So, I use diaper cream at night on her. On hot summer days, I use baby powder under her arms and wherever else she gets sweaty and uncomfortable. And I am so very glad that I stay with those earthy natural organicals......Sunny today squirted half a tube of Burts Bees Baby Bee Diaper Cream into her mouth, swallowed it, to our horror, and complained when we snatched the tube and refused to allow her more of that coveted morsel. Wow. I have never heard of a 4 year old who liked the taste of Baby Bee diaper cream. JUst a word of wisdom, to new moms of newly diagnosed autistic babies --- they might eat anything EXCEPT what you offer at dinner.

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