Thursday, January 14, 2010

.....Just had a terrific idea involving SAY expanding accross the country and eventually branching out offline, as well, into brick-and-mortar sensory play centers for autistic children. In addition to parents and/or trained staff, each child could be aided by - guess who- SIBLINGS! OMG! I can see it now! Lots of color. Like the Imagination Stations, with an autism-centered spin. Tumble-Bees style mats to walk on everywhere, for tiny runners. Also Tumble-Bees style foam block pits to jump in! I went in one of those, they are SO FUN and safe. All the fun sensory toys and products, like bubble columns, swings, fiber optic tunnels.....Of course, sibling aides would be for after school and mostly summer play. Wow. Fun!....must gather siblings.....I'll be back.....

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