Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunny's asleep. 3am now! I have no idea why I'm still on here - the longer I stay up, the more likely she is to somehow manage for the next 24 hours on four hours of sleep. Of course, if I went to sleep at the exact same time, she wouldn't wake up for 13 hours, I just know it....
She was interested in watching me while I was knitting yesterday, which was very encouraging and made me start automatically thinking of chubby knitting needles and fuzzy yarn in tiny hands. Left finished knitting alone, went to make coffee, came back and spent 10 minutes searching for missing knitting. Baby turned up first, much too innocent-looking, I think. Found knitting tucked behind Baby's violin nestled between books and stairs. Her sudden fascination with knitting ceased to exist when said knitting was constantly monitored. Sigh.
Mounds of snow in the yard (ok, that was an understatement - in the REGION) means that some small person can finally try out the sled we got for her last year, unfortunately after the final snow of the season, which, by the way, consisted of approximately three inches. This sounds so toddler-ish in theory that the flashes of images of sweating big people tugging a living-room-on-plastic over snow dunes is almost blurring.... :-D
Well, going to bed now; i'll be back with more info on post-sledding baby! I'll try to put pictures in too, and don't laugh, but we have a leg-less chair to put in her sled tomorrow.........


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