Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home Sweet Sensory Home

No decorator would survive the onslaught of a sensory melange such as my living room offers. Wild varieties of glowing colors of LED light strings, four bunches of LED lit grapes, huge foamy cushions I made that take up half the living room floor, and foam tiles instead of carpet over the floor itself. Curtains in wild sherbet colors, sheer, so that Sunny can make them flutter and watch the play of those LED's through the sheer colors.....enough stuffed creatures to start a zoo....all of them have a big-and-small combo and sometimes there are three different sizes! She has hand puppets, people puppets, a shark, and a ton of various big-and-small people dolls with which to role-play. There is a tv, a dvd player, a cd mini stereo, a HUGE clear earth ball, a giant rubber exercisor ball that has a dip in the middle, and Sunny loves to sit on it and bounce.....we have a giant rolled up jelly-rool of foam, covered by a homemade sleeve, and is as long as the living room, and Sunny likes ot sit on that too, and sometimes even lay down across the top of that roll. She has a violin, harmonicas, a drum, and little percussion things, and her's my living room after all. I can do whatever I want with it! I have noticed though, that visitors are rare, as this is sometimes more than they can chew on, maybe, or they just feel too "hippy" sitting on a giant cushion on the floor. It's really kind of nice, once you get used to it, though!

Did I mention that I tossed out all of my living room furniture so Sunny could be near us all day, and still have her Sunny the Phantom "cave" room?!

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