Friday, September 4, 2009

Sunny the Shopper

Hi, it's me .... Caeli-the-middle-sister! Today we took Sunny out walking, to her favorite grocery store. While in there, she picked up a bag of bubblegum pink candies (wintergreen flavor) and handed them to us. We were puzzled; Sunny doesn't usually go for that rack of candy. But now, as she stood there smiling, we realized the horrible truth: The candies looked like super-sized versions of her 'Feel-Betters'!-(commonly known as bubblegum-flavored acetaminophen tablets)- Her pupils were practically heart-shaped as she stared lovingly at them. We had to think fast.
Solution? Go to the checkout line, have one person stand there, the other chased Sunny as she dodged the oncoming carts (and while she made sure everyone's shoes were tied), and the third one of us ran to put the candies back.

Mission accomplished.

But wait---how did those wafers and crackers and cookies and that balloon get into the basket?!

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