Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family Fiction Reading Choice!

Autism: A Sister's Story

discover an inspirational journey written for children about children...

A little sister gives a heartfelt account of how her brother is just like any she loves he loves her...and what it is like for both of them to live with his autism.

A thoughtful, informative, and tender look into a child’s world of autism, this book is a great resource for teachers and parents, at school and at home.

teaching understanding and acceptance...

It’s difficult to explain differences among people to young children. This book is the perfect guide to helping preschool and elementary school aged children understand and accept that children with autism are children first, just like them.

With a clear and sweet explanation of common behaviors they might see in an autistic child, this book walks through a typical sibling relationship that just happens to also include an autistic child. Written informatively and lovingly, this book is interesting for adults and children alike, and contains important and educational facts and resources in the back, as well as a heart-warming letter from the author, explaining why she wrote the book.

This book can be purchased at the following link:

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  1. Christine, thank you so much for stopping by DJ's blog, and being supportive to him. I have visited your homeschool hangout blog many times, but did not realize you were 17. I love your dolls too, couldn't find a place to leave a comment there.