Saturday, August 8, 2009

UPDATE: The "Connect With Siblings" section is back now, after undergoing reconstruction for a period of time. Really. OK, that's not quite what happened.....see, I came on to Blogger to check up on things, and then I went to see if any comments had been posted on the "Connect" section because I havn't checked on it in a while. So I go on to the main homepage and lo and behold, I had no icon to click for the Connect section on the navigation bar! How can this be, I ask myself? I must have missed this page when adding the code in. And sure enough, it was not on About Us, Events, or....well, you get the drift. And then to my horror, while reviewing other pages for similar errors, I find my comment at the bottom of the DIY section, advising you readers to leave suggestions on the "Connect" section. But how can you do that when there's no icon?!?!
But all is well now, my readers, so navigate on as usual ;)

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