Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Potty Time's Over

I waited and waited for Sunny to motivate the potty-training way. A week ago, she decided to play her own cabaret.....a traditional can-can actually. Potty pants were flying fast and thick through the air at all hours. Naked wiggling baby buns were getting to be SO ho-hum. It was so bad, we actually failed at times to NOTICE she was all nakey. As her financially-challenged mom, I felt a big hole in my wallet where her store-bought pullups tugged at my cash. Not that I object to cloth....Sunny Rose is just a little picky, and will let nothing but one certain brand (and it just HAS to be a DISPOSEABLE) touch the goods. But this new natural baby was a touch too much for neighbors, the mailman, and so on. I decided she either needed to potty-train or she needed to learn to love the extra effort of super soft pul-shelled homemade pullup potty pants. I am talking layers of organic and bamboo fluff, people. Homemade. Designed for Sunny's particulars. Ah-dorable prints. Not a single discomfort, even the softest and finest elastics, blah blah blah. I bought and bought the ingredients. I just knew she would LOVE soft training pants, since no one could possibly prefer paper pullups, and no one could possibly choose wet over dry....and we thought we heard the song of the underpants siren in our near future. I began lovingly sewing about.....cut out for 12 so far.....all of those organical beautiful made-to-fit-big-Sunny potty pants. Screeeeeeeechhhh. She suddenly loves her paper pullups. will not part with them even when they are soaked. Acts like she doesn't even know they are there. Until we try to REMOVE them. She refuses all effort to change her until she is so unbelievably wet.....and then........she does her can-can kick, sending the 2-ton pullup into the air. We usually hear the diaper landing as it craters through the floorboards. Well, it sounds like that anyway! She better not outgrow these fluffy creations of mine, before wearing them to threads. I did manage to devise a magnificent pattern for special needs older child sized potty pants. Maybe next week she will try again.

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