Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events......

Abscessesed tooth, dentist unavailable, pediatrician who has to resort to bribing a four year old for cooperation, car breaks down on side of road, friends avoid "Help me!" phone calls for gas for said car, and a toddler that tosses so many things in the shopping cart while running through the store that we forget to get our own dinner. In other words: Wednesday, August 26th.

It started off as any other day; Sunny woke up, giggled smiled, wooed us, and then we saw it: an abscessed tooth. Every parent's (and now, sibling's) nightmare!! We immediately phoned the dentist, and Unfortunate Event Number I occurred: dentist was operating today, and not in the office.

So, we called the pediatrician, and luckily were able to get an appointment in one hour. Unfortunate Event Number II: couldn't get Sunny out the door easily, almost couldn't get her out at all, so we were an hour late. That's right. An hour.

Made it down to the pediatrician's office (they saw her, anyway!). Spongebob was on the TV in there, a show which I expected, by the time I was 10, to diminish as a fad; now 7 years later, it's still unavoidable and just as unappealing. Volume on any TVs, computers, etc, is Sunny's latest pet peeve and is completely intolerable, so the nurse at the counter turned it off for her (we were the only ones waiting for an appointment in there). Unfortunate Event Number III: Sunny decided that the office itself was just splendid, but an exam? Can't we postpone?

Went to the food store, let Sunny pick out some beanie babies and wafers - a food store tradition for her. Unfortunate Event Number IV: we forgot to get something for our own dinner.

Got home, made Sunny comfortable, put her TV and computer on, and made coffee. Phone rings. Dentist offers to see her right now. This very minute. So we dress baby again, pop her shoes on amid very loud, prominent protests, and put her in the car. She can't believe our latest injustice. Unfortunate Event Number V: can't remember where dentists office is. Have to call. Approx. 15 minutes late.

Get into dentists, go practically straight in to be seen as, again, we're the only ones there (I'm beginning to suspect they schedule people around us....?). Unfortunate Event Number VI: Sunny decided the office itself was just splendid, but an exam? Can't we postpone? (See Unfortunate Event Number III - similar circumstance).

Everything's now settled and scheduled, so we head on out to the food store again to get something for dinner this time. Unfortunate Event Number VII: car breaks down halfway. Out of gas. The gas gage doesn't work. Figures.

Unfortunate Event Number VIII: all friends avoid "Help me, I'm stranded!" calls. Eventually find someone to bring one gallon of gas to get us to a gas hour later.
And so, we finally made it to the food store, which appeared to have a suspiciously large population of cars that passed us on their way there, and then home!

This concludes our Series of Unfortunate Events.

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