Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mom's bit

Did Christine mention that it was a squillion degrees outside......and the car windows are stuck.....CLOSED? It's true. And that we had to wait in the sunshine at the side of the road for that hour of begging and listening to answering machines on the prepaid (10 cents a minute!) cell with the dying battery. And that I could not find the prescription card for Sunny's amazingly expensive antibiotic? How about when we had her in the pediatrician's office, and the darling and patient doctor tried to convince Sunny that she could indeed leave the soon as she opened her mouth....and little Sunny simply refused to open her little mouth.....until she left the office. Did Christine mention that our beautiful little Sunny will need oral surgery to cap 4 lovely little teeth after the infection is cleared.......and to ease her pain, little Sunny would ONLY eat .... MILKY WAY BARS. Someone must have planted little crop circles over our heads today.

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