Friday, July 31, 2009

Sleep schedule was off again last night....we took her to the food store, were only in there for about 15 minutes, and the whole ordeal was so completely exhausting that she fell asleep in the car on the way back and didn't wake up for the next four hours. Then, of course, she didn't sleep for the next five hours. So, altogether, we managed to scrape by on a grand total of 5 hours sleep!
She insisted on wearing her red cowboy hat to the store, which was really amazing considering just a few months ago absolutely nothing was ever allowed to touch her head, barely even the hairbrush (but we had to nix that one she doesn't mind, but cutting her nails is a whole other matter involving a flashlight, booklight, and clippers after bedtime). I think the new hat craze is from the Wiggles Splish Splash video, since they have an entire segment about wearing hats, and we just got that one recently. Wiggles are a big favorite, so a lot of new quirks can usually be traced back to them. :P
We're going down to a local bike chop shop next week to see if they can do something for a kind of bicycle/tricycle for Sunny; she's too big for tricycles, and not coordinated enough for a bicycle, but the special needs bikes are so expensive! So we're going to see if they can somehow make a tricycle style with 3 wheels, and a semi-turning handlebar so it can turn just a little for direction, but not enough that she would have to focus on it too much. So hopefully it won't be too expensive, but if it is, one of us siblings is going to offer to work weekends in exchange....or maybe many weekends and we can get three for us too....! :D

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