Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OK, so Sunny did sleep until 2am, so it wasn't too bad...my mom got up with her then, so i didn't have to get up until about 7:30, and she's napping again now. Did you notice the new video I added to the right hand sidebar over there? It's more like a slideshow, really, but I had alot of fun with the title and credits.
Now that she's starting to get interested in potty training, we got her a little pack of her very own underpants with adorable little frog pictures on them. We set them up on her computer chair (she always stumbles over there grasping for the mouse first thing when she wakes up), and she was so surprised my mom said she clutched them in one arm and her new piglet stuffed animal in the other. (Remember, I was asleep!) And of course she fell asleep again this morning right after I made her some sausage and it was on her plate. Fell asleep right on her computer keyboard. Sigh. Ah well. I'm going to do a more detailed slideshow soon, this one is kinda short, and I'd like to add captions and transition effects. So keep checking back! :D

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