Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OK, I know I havn't been on here in a while :( , but I'm back! We were going to take Sunny to our local Puerto Rican Festival tonight (in 20 minutes, actually) and today's theme (week-long event) is for seniors and people with disabilities, which is why we thought we'd take her since she has autism. We just reconsidered, however, and we're going to take her on Thursday (children's theme), because there will be older people there tonight, she's never seen a wheelchair before, and she has a penchant for trying new things, so I can just see where this is going.... :-O! But that's okay, now I can write about the new things she's been learning/doing lately.....
Last night, for instance was when she debuted her new phrase of "Baby Lucky!". This is the scenerio: Baby walks over to you, wraps her chubby little arms around your neck, presses her forehead to your forehead, and looks at you and says "Baby Lucky!!" How adorable is that? I know I'm rambling, but I just about fell over myself when she did that. Right now she's on the Sesame Street website on the "Elmo's Classroom" game, where it shows you pictures of items....um, I'm not really sure what else it does, she navigates it so well she doesn't need me!....but anyway, she clearly said 'Spoon' and 'Car' for the corresponding pictures! And there weren't even any words on the screen for her to secretly read! (I discovered she can read at least some things on the screen when she popped up last week and said 'BooBah' while looking at the screen, and that was the only thing on there :) Alright, well, we're going to take her walking arount the block...ooo, or maybe the library, that's her favorite route because it's a nice loooong straight line to walk from our house, and she really loves her straight lines.... :-D
I'll be back hopefully tomorrow!

By the way, Sunny did get to be Mayor for a Minute at my Youth Council Inauguration, and the Mayor's Office was, in fact, almost the only room she would go in! That is, until she discovered the terrace :)

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