Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well, we were going to take Sunny to the Baby Parade here today (six minutes ago, in fact), but she woke up in a "Green Animal" mood. That's where she's cranky all day and only plays with green stuffed animals. I don't know why. The "Green Animal" thing started...last summer?...when we took her to the flea market and she discovered a Kermit stuffed animal that she just had to have. NOW. She would talk only to Kermit, and she was in a bad mood all day long. So now, we know what to expect when she starts snuggling up to any green stuffed animals, and that's how she woke up this morning.
But anyway, we're going to take her to the Millville Baby Parade in the next town over, which is actually better than this one anyway. Last year, from what I saw in the newspaper, it was bigger and everyone had better costumes, too. The theme for this one (that was this morning) was "Hollywood Babies", and we were going to take Sunny as Jasmine from Aladdin, decorate her wagon as a giant cloud with little puffs of polyfil scattered on it, and her seat in the wagon would be the flying carpet. I don't know what the Millville Baby Parade is going to do for a theme, but I hope we still use this whole costume-wagon set. I'll post pictures of whatever we have anyway (the parade will be in early August, so you can look back then).
We're going to take her out in her wagon in a little while anyway, though, because if she stays in the house too long she starts thinking only about what Sunny wants a little too much, which is usually when she needs to get out and see the world.
Oh! I'm also doing a drawn portrait of Sunny, so I'll try to see if I can scan it onto here when it's done. In case anyone's wondering, the medium is a Number 2 pencil ;-)

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