Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunny tsunamis and the watery ball pit

Tonight, we stumbled upon a cheap idea for bath time inspiration! Sunny Rose gets iffy about the bath if we cannot creatively entice her. Voila! I have two bags of completely sealed ball pit balls. 200 total. lots of bath bubbles. Tonight, she has not stopped squealing and shrieking with laughter over how the balls move and make noises and bounce in the water when she makes Sunny tsunamis.........our spontaneous inspiration of a watery ball pit was an instant hit. Cost was 12.99 for a bag of 100 balls, of which I already own two......and they get nice and clean as a bonus. I wonder that this could be a hit with just about any child! Perhaps even young babies who can sit up......what a sensory experience for them!

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