Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Plan for Sunny Rose

Based on the article below, and the advice of my nurse practitioner whose own ( year old boy is autistic), Christine, Caeli and I are embarking on a new adventure. We will train ourselves to utilize sign language developments for autistic and special needs children, and we will keep you all updated regularly as to how it is going. To those who say it will only further isolate the child, I say NO! All communication is freedom. There is no right or wrong way, as long as it frees you to express your soul, your needs, your self. How can that be anything bad? I cannot subscribe to the theory that there is only one way for these children to express themselves, and that it MUST BE THE SAME WAY AS EVERYONE ELSE. No, I cannot accept that. Maybe we would all be better off having less restrictive standards on our own conceptions of what communication is supposed to be, supposed to accomplish, and how it is supposed to feel. Teaching a special needs child to free themselves through many forms of communication is a nice way of also freeing ourselves from unnecessary restrictions of expression. Give it a whirl!

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