Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OK, I'm back. Had to cut up some Szechuan chicken for Sunny...it's the only thing that broke the Peperoni Pizza Minus The Pizza For a Week Or More cycle. And not just Szechuan flavor, but real Szechuan chicken that's pounded into submission. She knows the difference.

Sunny's playing on her computer on the Sesame Street website now; she's getting really good at navigating the computer herself. I found this thing called a 'ZacBrowser', which is a browser that was designed by a grandfather for his 6 year old autistic grandson, and has everything from games to videos and books. It looks really cool, and I actually recommend this, but mostly as an introductory tool for the computer. Unfortunately, I found this when Sunny's computer skills were already too far advance, and it's simplicity (which, again, would be great for introducing a Sibling to the computer) bored her. I'm beginning to suspect that she'll learn to read because of the computer; wait 'til she discovers that typing words into the google searchbar brings up her favorite websites. ;)

Another favorite lately is opera. She sings, we listen, of course! This was because of Fiddler on the Roof - the bar scene with the Russian singers/dancers. Yesterday was when we discovered her love of opera, and she was very patient with us while we figured it out. She was over playing on her computer (again, I know), and making this really loud noise, so we told her to be a little quieter. She persisted. We insisted. She added vibrato. We gasped. And I suppose you can imagine the rest of the fanfare that follows when you you discover a four year old can sing opera, and very well. She is, in fact, watching Fiddler on the Roof right now...she likes the computer and the T.V on at the same time, even if the electric bill doesn't. ~*

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