Friday, June 19, 2009

Ha! I can do augmented matrices! That didn't take long at all. Hmm. OK, anywaaay.....Sunny's watching Fiddler on the Roof (well, sort of - she's actually watching that beginning part with the roaring lion, over and over and over again.)
I tried to teach her how to draw by copying a cartoon picture of Dora the Explorer yesterday. I learned how to draw Dora, anyway. Sunny thought it was hysterical, and it did generate lots of big giggles, but did you know that drawings are even better as rugs? That's right! Especially in front of the computer, if you don't like chairs that much. That's okay, though, it's up on the wall now with only minor smudges in the shape of feet.
Alas, the Szechuan chicken detour didn't last long, and we're back to peperoni pizza. Or should I say, Sunny's back to peperoni pizza and we're back to cheese. But she still gives us choices! We still get to choose Digiorno!
Well, I'll be back to post more a little later or tomorrow (or maybe another guest blogger will return - there's still one more, you know) ~
P.S, I'll blog about something other than the Szechuan/Peperoni saga :-)

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